Uber kena makan by Grab

Competition is beautiful…for consumers. But the inevitable has happened. Grab announced on 26 Mar that it has acquired Uber’s Southeast Asia operations, as well as its Uber Eats food delivery service.

The Uber app will continue to operate for two weeks until Apr 8, after which riders will have to download the Grab app and register for an account to use the service. As part of the acquisition, Uber will take a 27.5 per cent stake in Grab and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will join Grab’s board.


No wonder I haven’t received any Uber promo codes recently. Hmmm, I wonder if there will be any promo codes in future. Without competition, it won’t make sense for Grab to continue issuing promo codes. Well at least not as often.

And what will happen to Uber’s newly implemented tie-up with ComfortDelGro called UberFLASH that came into service on 19 Jan 2018? Not too long ago this month, Grab was given a warning by LTA for opening its flat-fare JustGrab service to ComfortDelGro cabbies, a move that was  seen as an attempt to undercut UberFLASH.

I’m going to miss Uber’s user interface though. Looks chio-er and easier to use. Guess I can still use Uber overseas outside of Southeast Asia. But I can no longer compare prices between Grab and Uber, especially when both are surging like siao. And that is why I am uber-sianz about this news.