Subway Singapore confirms Halal Rumour, no pork products in all restaurants from 21 Mar

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The Muslim community should really be rejoicing but instead, they are getting drawn into unnecessary online bickering with netters who think the move is detrimental to Singaporeans

There seems to be two common themes in the comments section.

On integration: Why are Muslims in Singapore demanding Subway to be halal and depriving the majority from enjoying their pork sandwiches.  How is making Subway halal a move towards a more inclusive society?

On Racism: Netters are pointing fingers and swinging this term loosely. Anyone who defends the halal certification move or anyone who says it’s a bad move is automatically labelled a closet racist. They take offence at the slightest hint of a possible discussion and would go to extreme ends of the spectrum.

While such comments are from a small group of people, their loud voices may form a wrong perception of the issue.

Since when is the halal certification of subway an issue in Singapore?

As a Muslim, I urged my community not to engage in this needless bickering. In the past, our community seek ways to innovate, to excel in tasks and to contribute to society.  We do not need to argue over the halal status of a sandwich franchise.

It really doesn’t matter if it remains a non-halal establishment because:

  • Subway is a business and businesses mainly get set up to make profits. We’re pretty sure it’s mostly reasoned by profitability and not the demand from the halal-eating community.
  • Just like how Muslims are entitled to have a new halal fast food option, others are entitled to share and retain their love of pork.
  • There are halal alternative and It’s just a sandwich



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