STR anyhow say got suggestion for death penalty on fake news

Wah first day of the fake news hearing for Select Committee for Deliberate Online Falsehoods, we already have the first fake news of the day by States Times Review (STR):


Wah lau, scared us ok. Siao, how can really suggest death penalty for spreading fake news?! Think this is really North Korea ah?!

Lucky the media also covered Janil Puthucheary’s interview and we went to look it up. And Janil Puthucheary didn’t mention any potential penalties for fake news violations in the interview what. He never say anything about death penalty.

This what the TODAY article reported:

“Our approach is never to say that legislation is going to be the be all and end all, or that regulation is going to be the be all and end all,” Dr Puthucheary said.

“It’s how various components work together,” he said. “Our approach towards drugs, where it’s not just purely the legislation that is the effective lever, we feel, it’s the ecosystem that has been generated.”

EVEN STR’s own article did not explain how death penalty came into the picture but they just said in the article headline that “Minister Janil Puthucheary suggests Death Penalty for fake news”

So we really don’t see how Janil Puthucheary got say that there should be death penalty for fake news leh.

Wah lau, STR, don’t anyhow smoke and scare us can. Because you have just helped the Gahmen to prove why they need a law for fake news.