Sugar, no please! Don’t you dare to come near me!


Remember in 2017, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted how diabetes was becoming a dua dai ji, and the seriousness of this problem prompted the gahmen to declare a war against diabetes?

So what’s the progress of our war against diabetes now?

Well, looks like the gahmen is determined to win the war.



Various media reports carried Parliament Secretary for Health Amrin Amin’s announcement that an additional $15million will be invested over the next two years to fund the Healthier Ingredient Development scheme. This scheme serves to develop heather ingredients such as sauces, desserts and drinks with less sugar. Swee la, now we have more healthier options even when buying ingredients!

This is not enough. From May this year, all gahmen offices, as well as some premises such as parks, community centres, sports facilities and educational institutes that serve freshly brewed coffee and tea will now serve only sugar-free beverages.

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Walao, how can like that? What about those who needs glucose to function?

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Relac relac. This was initiated because they found that studies have shown that providing sugar as an option, rather than automatically including them in beverages, is more effective in cutting down one’s sugar intake. You can choose whether to add sugar or not, just that the drinks won’t have sugar by default. So bring your own sugar if you have to!

In addition, even beverages from vending machines, F&B outlets and retail stores at these premises have to meet the lower sugar guidelines set out by the Healthier Choice Symbol. Wah! Does that mean that these beverages will be cheaper since there’s less sugar?

Minister of Health also said in the Committee of Supply Debate that about 3 in 4 Singaporeans aged 65 and above are affected by diabetes, high cholesterol/hypertension, or a combination of the three. And don’t cua tio, if things are left to be, diabetes could affect more than one million people in 2050!

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In fact, based on reports, Singapore has one of the highest rate of amputations among diabetics. In 2015, about 180 amputations were performed for every 100,000 diabetic patients. Although we like to top the chart for many things, think we can try to take a back seat on such matters?

Health is important, so better don’t play play la. There’s only so much the gahmen can do and everyone should be responsible for their own health. It’s time to take charge before it’s too late!

So the next time you order your kopi, maybe can try for a Kopi O kosong instead?