Long-suffering pedestrian: BIG YAY to more measure reining in e-scooter users

Some of us may think that the gahmen is coming down hard on e-scooters users recently. Following the ban on the roads which came into effect in Jan this year, the Transport Ministry announced that e-scooter owners now have to register their device.

I super support this new measure! It’s time that these e-scooter users, some of them who think the footpaths are their Ah Gong’s roads or expect other footpath users to part the way as if Moses is here, are further reined in when they scoot down the paths.

For long-suffering pedestrians like me, hearing this news is like experiencing rain after a long drought. Before the introduction of PMDs, walking on footpaths used to be a stress-free thing. Now, pedestrians have to be always on alert as we don’t know when the next e-scooter or PMD user will suddenly zoom out from nowhere into our paths. If you are with young kids or older folks, the stress level goes up even more.


Many people think that our gahmen controls too much, like a super strict parent who simply can’t let go because he just doesn’t trust the kid enough. So gahmen tries to let go a bit … But look what happened when Singaporeans are given freedom?  We hear more and more incidents of PMDs getting into accidents – either involving the users only or other road users because of irresponsible behaviour.


Not that the new LTA measure will eradicate irresponsible e-scooter use on footpaths once and for all. How LTA is going to enforce the registration effectively and what it entails on the ground is up for debate. I don’t harbour hopes that every e-scooter owner will obediently register their device. I also don’t think every e-scooter user will slow down/stop when they get into an accident for others to identify them through the registration stickers (if they have).

But well, at least with the new measure, the gahmen continues to signal that they will not hesitate to implement measures to rein in errant behaviour if the need calls for it. Now, how will the e-scooter users community respond to this series of measures?