More to be protected under the Employment Act

Almost half a million more professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) will get labour rights after the Parliament amends the Employment Act later this year, which will include the removal of the salary cap of $4,500.

In other words, after the changes take effect, expected to be some time next April, all 720,000 PMEs will be entitled to employment terms such as public holidays, paid sick leave, maternity leave, timely payment of salary and compensation for wrongful dismissal.


You mean they weren’t protected previously?

Minister Lim Swee Say still called the move timely siah.

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If companies really cared for their workers, we wouldn’t need measures like minimum wage progressive wage models in the cleaning, security and landscape sectors lah, and somemore have to force companies to up these workers’ wages.

Even then, these people not earning a lot loh. According to Straits Times, the model specifies a starting monthly wage of at least $1,100 for security officers. You get more if you are higher-skilled. Security supervisors get a starting wage of $1,500 nia. How to survive in Singapore where the cost of living so high?

TODAY added that proposed amendments to the Employment Act later in the year will see half the workforce, or about 1.6 million workers, receive more protection.

More rank-and-file workers like clerks and retail assistants are expected to see added protection for additional provisions such as annual leave, overtime pay and rest days.

Oh well, better late than never, right? And since you are on it, can please do a more comprehensive review and ensure that Singaporeans don’t suffer under these companies which are only concerned with profit margins and neglect the welfare of its workers? #Okthxbye