Eh future NS recruits, there is no escaping Pulau Tekong!

Today Second Defence Minister Ong Ye Kung reportedly told Parliament during the Committee of Supply Debate on Mindef’s budget that “almost all full-time national servicemen (NSFs) will enlist together in the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) on Pulau Tekong”.

Wait wait wait… you mean today still have new recuits never go to Tekong meh? Didn’t Yishun camp already defunct long long ago?

Reading the ST article, then realize that actually, some NSFs who joined selected combat units like the Guards and Infantry didn’t need to go Tekong. They just went straight to the camps for their own special training. (Those are the sibei shiong vocations anyway right?)

So why need to now then say all go Tekong leh?

Because Minister Ong say want everyone to share the same (kanna tekkan) experience lor.  Of course he said it in a nice way lah…

“These NSFs will benefit from BMTC’s dedicated training experience, infrastructure and use of technology. Most importantly, they will share a common experience, within the unit, and within the SAF tribe”. Right.

For those hate to every Friday night take train to Pasir Ris MRT and then dayung sampan to book-in on the dreaded island, sorry, your only chance to siam is to either be enlisted as commandos or naval divers, or somehow manage to chao geng until downgrade yourself to support vocations.


See how far you will go to siam lor.


Well, in any case, this means that rich or poor, upper class or lower class, regardless of race language or religion, almost every Singaporean son in the same batch will get a chance to mingle together on Tekong. So don’t say young people don’t get a chance to mix with people from other social classes horrr.

P.s. this old Smart Local piece totally sums up what fun it will be during your BMT. So don’t cry okay?