“Tip-up” seats available on MRTs soon.

Wah innovation hor. LTA announced three new features for the 12 new trains that will be joining the NSEWL:

1. Tip-up seats

P1 new-nsewl-trains --1.jpg

According to CNA, ST, the seats will be folded during peak hours to create more standing space, and unfolded during non-peak hours to allow for people to sit.

There is even a ST video to demonstrate how the tip-up seats work. Unfortunately, the folding/ unfolding can only be done by MRT staff.

So how much time will it take the staff to do it? Will it means slower trains for us? This is actually quite weird leh, esp when Government says we need to improve productivity.

According to the reports, the trains can pack about 100 more sardines people when the seats are up.

Sorry OLs – now you have to stand to watch your Korean dramas. Too bad.

But seriously, we hope that there will be some cabins with some seats down. If there are people who need seats, like the elderly, pregnant ladies, at least they have somewhere to sit down. Later more people fight over who should sit down and then people take video of each other.

  1. Red-green stripes against white design

P2 new-nsewl-trains--2.jpg

Chio or not?

The new trains will have the red and green stripes against the white background – for the red and green mrt lines respectively.

This is part of LTA’s way to show dominance – because these new trains are under the new rail financing framework, i.e. this one is Government train.

Next time you will know who to blame when the trains break down. Ahem.

  1. Improved “current collector shoes” that sends automatic alerts

This one can’t be seen, but essentially this will allow for more timely and automatic alerts if any of their current collector shoes is dislodged from the third rail, which provides electrical power to the train.

This will allow for any problems that surfaced to be fixed quickly.

You can keep your eyes peeled for two of such trains starting from the second half of this year. The remaining ten trains will arrive later, and will go into service next year.

Happy riding!