Singaporeans rush to Raffles Place for free money

Free money, who don’t want? Of course when this message on social media went viral that a machine will pop up in town, where you put in $3 and get $50 dispensed back to you, whole Singapore all chiong down lah!




The whole thing got so popular, and end up so many people turn up until Police officers also have to turn out for extra duty to disperse the crowd (dunno whether the anti-riot Ang Qias also have to go down or not).


Of course it’s a marketing gimmick lah! And whoever is behind think they very smart, can save money doing proper marketing and advertising, but wasted taxpayers’ money when policemen had to go down. Wonder if they got permit for this or not. Else is this considered illegal assembly or not?

Worse, later in the mad rush, someone kena pushed and stepped on, like machiam Black Friday sales in US then how? Don’t anyhow anyhow cause stampede hor!

Actually these things do remind us of some other cock marketing gimmicks in the past that went awry like the Philips Shaver Bear Hoax (people call police) and the RWS Halloween event publicity (Wah lao eh! 7th month put obtuaries everywhere).  Yes, even a brain fart can pass as a marketing idea.

Of course, for the people who chiong down, it’s all about take the money first then say right? Don’t know and don’t care who is behind this.

Now to wait for the buggers behind this to reveal what exactly they are marketing. Whatever it is, we can guarantee you, the people who took your money won’t remember who you are. Unless someone really gets seriously injured while vending machine is still in action.