Pritam, don’t tekan the taxi uncles leh..

Pritam Singh ownself sabo ownself at the Parliament Budget debate yesterday. And seems like he also dragged whole Singapore’s taxi uncles along with him…

The (very likely) future Secretary-General of currently Singapore’s most powerful opposition party said that taxi drivers, hawkers and self-employed are the sectors that traditionally under declare their income tax. So with the new Smart Nation technology, such “paying not enough tax” practices will be harder to get away, which means gahmen can collect more tax money and yeah, which means we don’t have to increase GST in future!

No wonder taxi uncles (actually aunties also lah) are angry.

What is the link between taxi drivers paying more tax and then GST no need to increase? You mean taxi drivers and hawkers earn so much that the tax they are supposed to pay makes such a big difference to Singapore’s coffers? Maybe the self-employed earn more… but self-employed does not always mean big towkays also leh, they could be sole proprietors or budding entrepreneurs struggling with their business ventures.

Anyways, already lui pai tang liao with all these Grab lah Uber lah online shopping lah, now taxi drivers and hawkers bo dai bo ji kana targeted and highlighted.. for no good reason somemore. Still Lunar New Year leh, don’t like that leh. Sekali those who no head or tail hear Pritam’s speech and start thinking that gahmen decides to raise GST because of taxi drivers and hawkers how? Can this be considered fake news also ah?

Maybe Pritam sensed the serious negative impact of his speech. He hands legs very fast put up a Facebook post yesterday afternoon crying foul and pasted an excerpt of his speech to prove his innocence. But I read and read and read, still feel that he shouldn’t target the taxi drivers, hawkers etc lah. Is it really necessary to mention them in his speech in order to bring across his points?

If you want to read his speech, see below. If you want to hear for yourself, can also go here (listen from about 17:00 onwards…)