Our guess for the next Cabinet Reshuffle

Wahhh! PM Lee officially said going to shuffle Cabinet!

So we at Singapotato thought we’d join in the fun and and make a few good guesses on where our three potential PM candidates will be deployed for the “final examination” or to complete their tour of duty before becoming No. 1.

Based on logic, our future Prime Minister should have experience in three big areas: bullets

So here, we examine their past and current portfolios and see what’s missing in their CV. (Of course, everything we check Wikipedia lah!)


Our guess is that Heng Swee Keat will retain his Finance portfolio, because you know, the Minister for Finance cannot anyhow anyhow change for fun yah?

So our guess is he will go join Ng Eng Hen at Mindef, and he can help Minister Ng manage the huge ass budget that Mindef gets to spend (finally someone who can count look after that large sum of money!)

Why we never guess he go MHA leh? Because actually, Swee Keat was once upon a time a Police Scholar! So a stint at Mindef will add on to his resume.


Actually, among the three, Ong Ye Kung seems to have the most diversified experience. Defence also have, and he very chummy with the Chinese community here. While he lacked exposure in the area of trade and finance, he does have background as board member of MAS lah, and also previously held appointments in MTI before his political career started.

But still, you need to try to manage it at the top then considered a real test we guess. So we are guessing he will become the 2nd Minister for Trade and Industry.


And finally, our very own Kee Chiu Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Alamak, he has so many People portfolio, but sorely lacking in handling money and trade, plus the military background, we guess PM really must test him in this aspect.

Also, don’t see him kee chiu kee chiu, actually he has a First Class honours degree in Economics from Cambridge’s Christ’s College! So now is the time to test whether he can apply that old dusty degree to handling our piggybank.

Oh yah, and also, we think since Minister Chan is famous for his frugal ways (have you seen his humble Casio watch?), he could may have some good ideas how to tighten our national purse strings a bit lor, and maybe got chance to don’t raise GST!

OK, so there you have it. Our prediction for these three PM candidates in the next Cabinet reshuffle. Machiam have prizes for guessing right. Lolz.