No Money No Honey No ID

Looking for an interior designer (aka ID) for your HDB flat and don’t want to kana ketok? Then you better watch our free-to-air TV show!

Now we know that a minimalistic home doesn’t always come with a minimalistic price. And the weirdest thing is the final cost exceeded the couple’s budget by more than 50 percent!
Couple’s original budget: $60,000
ID proposed: $75,000
Final cost: $95,000
And that’s not all. The renovation which was expected to be completed in 10 weeks time eventually took up 16 weeks. Wah exceed by more than half of the projected timing also can ah.
Looks like there is also minimal thinking and consideration by the couple. Because after all the “wow”, “I lurve it!” “It’s very good!”, they said they will pay for it. Exceed budget exceed timeline still wanna pay and never KPKB, this show still can watch anot! Best la!
And don’t say we never pang chance. Maybe only that episode exceeded budget. Cannot be every house also meet budget right, else it will look too fake.
Thanks Mediacorp. Now this makes us wonder what is the objective of this variety show:
1. Want a nice home design? Be prepared to pay more
2. All the ID ketok money one
3. Don’t use all the IDs profiled here, because you will kana ketok
And then here’s a twist to the story. Online netters cannot tahan how ridiculous the show is, they went to CSI the design consultant in charge of the S$95,000 reno. And it turns out that the ID firm also have an employee who looked like the male owner (husband), and coincidentally also have the same name as the male owner.
So now the owner of the house is also the employee of the ID firm? Ownself promote ownself?
Kelong la. Mediacorp, your viewership is already on the decline, don’t let your credibility take the same path.
And this drama is still contnuing hor: Mediacorp says it was only told before filming that the owner joined the company to work but it decided to continue and film in an objective manner. But actually why don’t just declare in the show lor, or just add at the end of the show? Then the home owner still act act ‘ I’m am not paying’. Wah lau, you are working for that company leh, can’t don’t pay meh. So fake.
Now the ID firm say it also want to come up with a statement. See what they say man.