TNP removes article on “suffering” family

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen the article on TNP featuring this middle income family with a five-figure income asking for more financial support from the upcoming Budget.

In summary, the family highlighted a number of factors that have resulted in the middle income “suffering” and have their pay “spread thin”:

  • They have a maid
  • Three children’s school fees, who are in primary school, secondary school and poly (Poly fees about $1.8k per semester)
  • One of the kids’ have a sailing CCA, which cost about $300-$400 per year
  • Private tuition for the kids
  • Medication for an autoimmune disease, which amounts to about $1k every half a year (after subsidy. If don’t have subsidy it will be $9k)

Donald Low, an economist, later also decided to chap ji ka in his FB post, highlighting that the family is “very much an average or even below average Singaporean household”.


He argued that the reaction online is a reflection of a low trust society – they believe that if more is given to the middle income, it will mean there will be lesser for the poor, or higher taxes on the rich; Also, he said that the collective ways of financing social goods like that of childcare, kindergarten education, while potentially can result in higher taxes, but will cost lesser than people paying for this themselves.

While he tried to steer the conversation away to a higher plane, the public and netizens have already been seized by TNP’s example and started discussing on what they define as “middle income”.

But to be honest, we think that Donald Low is a bit missing the point, he elevated his argument until nobody want to care la.


Essentially, the complaints of the ‘middle-income’ family did not go down well with netizens, you can read more over at this Mothership article.

Most netizens are irked by the family’s spending expenditure and sense of entitlement. They went on to urge the family to live within their means.

Yes, the medical expenditure is necessary, but what about the rest – like that of spending money on a maid. The kids are old enough to help out with chores leh.

But, TNP did not miss the point…  they took down the article, most probably because the family kena bash too much already.


Well, we suppose the family can complain more, now after the Budget has been revealed.