Chew Eng Han tried to flee on sampan

Just when you thought the City Harvest Church (CHC) saga has finally ended, this story comes out of nowhere. Chew Eng Han, the 57-year-old fund manager for CHC, was caught at sea trying to flee in a motorized sampan on 21 Feb at 8.47am.28235079_10155381397962934_6788629418421723717_o.jpg

He was due to begin serving his jail term of three years and four months from Thursday (22 Feb). Seriously why this guy so kum gong? Looks like his new sentence will be more than Kong Hee!


Apparently, Chew was found with about $5,000 in cash and fishing equipment. Somemore the fishing rod was brand new, still in wrapper! Haha gotta give the guy credit for the worst getaway story ever! I guess he must be really into fishing. So much so that he must have one last fishing trip the day before he goes to prison.28061479_10155381383022934_5003168010535346250_o.jpg

Police said that they established they were trying to leave Singapore illegally from Pulau Ubin to Malaysia. They were also not doing anything on the boat to indicate they were fishing. Well thanks Captain Obvious!

Apparently someone tipped off the police, that’s why he suay suay got caught. Please lah, our Singapore police is very on the ball (almost always), you think so easy to get out just like tht meh.

Some more his brother Chew Eng Soon, 61, was arrested for abetting the escape, as well as a 53-year-old Tan Poh Teck who was the boatman of the sampan.

Seriously Chew Eng Han should have studied the methods of some famous escapees like Mas Selamat and his famous swim across the Johor Straits (although he got caught eventually) and football fugitive Michael Vana who fled Singapore after being charged for corruption in 1994. Apparently, Vana said he left Singapore on a boat “across the straits” to an unnamed second country.

Or consult a lawyer like David Rasif who is also went on the run successfully mah.

In a split decision by the High Court last April, Chew had his original six-year jail sentence lowered to three years and four months. Already discount half price still want to siam. Now it looks like his sentence will be even more and he also dragged his brother into trouble now also. Cue face palm emoji…

Kong Hee said Chew Eng Han designed the plan for the round tripping. Seems like his escape plan now is even worse. Really kanna tripped over his own plans liao.

Looks like this long drama which has entertained us for so long has its sequel now. What we want to find out most now is: who is the one who gave him away?