People got micro influencers, Police got nano influencers..

Recently there has been some buzz over the punny ads put up by our police. Actually the police are almost masters at producing good quality publicity. See the train platform panels ads before? Almost like movie posters – got mood, got seh, got looks and got all kinds of patterns.





In fact, before MOF, MEWR started spending money engaging micro influencers (who may not always know what they are paid to talk about), our police has long time ago started getting NANO influencers to sell their koyok and message.

Simi NANO influencers?

Micro influencers are “everyday people” who have a not big not small number of followers on social media and help to promote products to its followers. To stand out, most of these micro influencers are / will try to appear to be good looking.

Nano influencers are considered the most powerful influencers because of their engagement rates. They might have a handful of followers, but they reach deep into their niche markets and have the “influence” that needed for influencer marketing.

Mai siao siao hor. The many in-house talent that police use for their publicity efforts over the years can be considered as NANO influencers also.

For example, the hosts of Crime Watch – the police public education TV programme that is even older than most micro influencers – are actual police officers who not only speak well but are also handsome/pretty.



When it comes to recruitment fairs, social media posts, deterrent standees or branding posters, there are also no lack of real policemen who look like they are leading characters from idol dramas. Show their faces, show their name tags, tag them on social media … soon, their friends, friends of friends, family members, relatives, ex classmates, NS mates, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, aspiring boyfriends/girlfriends, fans, supporters, detractors will have something to say about them… not unlike the effect that micro influencers have these days hor, but maybe not as many people, that’s why nano only lah…

police_recruitment booth.jpg


But there are two big differences between the micro and the nano influencers here. Money and trust.

The NANO influencers that police tap on probably don’t cost them a single extra cent since they are all police officers anyway. It’s also more convincing when you have people spreading the message that they sign their years away for.

The police publicity efforts are largely successful because they not only use the right platforms but also the appropriate communicators. Sometimes it’s a pun, other times it’s a hunk. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s effective and leaves a good impression. And that we remember, low crime doesn’t mean no crime.