Lessons learnt from the “sudden” closure of Clarke Quay Hai Di Lao

Clarke Quay Hai Di Lao has closed temporarily after dio-ing suspension notice from NEA. If you haven’t heard about this news by now (where have you been??), you can read more about the suspension hereherehere,here and here

Some quick lessons learnt from this incident after reading all the news reports:

  1. Saying half-truths is not the same as lying

When customers visited the HDL Clarke Quay outlet over the weekend, they were told that the outlet is undergoing renovation. This is not wrong but it is only half the story and the most important point – closure as part of the ‘punishment’ under the demerit point system – left out. Then again, no food shop owner will be so stupid to confess that they dio NEA summon for unhygienic treatment of food right?


2.       Online army not always that fast

For a population that likes to complain about the slightest things, it’s very out of character that not many people complained about the sudden closure of HDL Clarke Quay over the weekend. On site, the HDL staff said they are closed because they are undergoing renovation; but online, there is no update on HDL’s website and FB page on the renovation (even till now). Maybe HDL fans were too excited over the opening of the latest HDL outlet in Novena… maybe HDL Clarke Quay is not the most patronised outlet, or there are too many HDL outlets liao, one down doesn’t make much of a difference… But that the online space was largely quiet on this for a few days is actually quite amazing.

3.       Be sceptical when food outlet closes suddenly

Next time our favourite food stall or restaurant suddenly closes without prior notice, we should quickly check this NEA site to find out if they dio suspension. Don’t say government never share info.

4.       Keep a close watch on what’s happening to your business rival

How many of us know that there’s a hot pot place called Upin at Clarke Quay Central? Just a few hours after the HDL news was reported, I received a post sponsored by Quandoo on FB:


Smart hor? Action very fast also.