Influencer XMM teach you how to save the planet

Coming hot on the heels of Ministry of Finance’s move to engage micro-influencers to promote the budget process, Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) followed suit.

MEWR has about 28 micro-influencers supporting their move to raise awareness on climate change and what people can do to fight against climate change.

We took a look at some of the micro-influencers’ posts on trying to encourage you to save Mother Earth. We also took a look at their Instagram profiles, just out of curiosity and for research purposes. Ahem.

They asked for their followers to:

  1. Ride bikes to reduce carbon footprint





There is so much (boob) that distracts from the main message here.

2.       Maintain aircon at ‘optimal’ temperature



Ahem, at least one person may have been influenced:


3.       Plant more plants to reduce carbon dioxide


Ha.ha.ha. Girl you better plant a lot more than just one pot hor. (The photo also can reuse for cooking ad)

But then if neighbours later complain to Town Council got too many potted plants block the corridor, you don’t come and kaopeh us k.

4.       Reduce waste


Okay give chance, this one really interested in climate issues. She has been trying to embark on a zero-waste lifestyle before the #ClimateActionSG campaign hor.


At least this group of influencers seem more effective than the MOF ones.

I guess the main message here that you can take away from this is that fighting climate change is just like a cleavage – the more you squeeze it, the bigger the cleavage requires everyone to play their part, the more you do, the more difference we can make together as a country.