Selfie King MP Giving Out Self-Made CNY Freebie

If you think that our most selfie-able MP – Baey Yam Keng – is only good at running, gym-ing and erm, looking good (beside his political work), please update yourself.

To spread the CNY festive cheer, our Baey gor gor has decided to show his “cultured” side by writing 88 旺 (pronounced as wang, loosely translated to prosperity in Chinese) in calligraphy strokes and on auspicious, red square papers. He will be giving out all 88 of them to his fans residents tomorrow, 11 Feb.


Not clear if Baey gor gor really wasn’t too confident, or was he trying to tease his fans social media following. Couple of days back, Baey gor gor had wondered aloud on his Twitter, IG and FB accounts, asking if anyone would want his calligraphy work. Can see from his selfie (what else, right?) that he had written on at least 20 pieces by then… #WriteFirstAskLater


While it was quite quiet on the Twitter front, Baey’s friends and following on FB and IG responded rather enthusiastically. So much so that Baey felt confident enough to do a proper “giveaway” in his Tampines ward this weekend.

This reminds me of how overseas politicians, like those in Taiwan, will also write auspicious words/phrases before CNY and give them out as well wishes to their residents. Some will opt to mass print, others may prefer to personally write on each and every piece of paper. Very effort.

Hope Baey gor gor can continue this giveaway practice for other festivals as well, like Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas etc, not only for his fans supporters but also because it will be a nice touch to Singapore’s multi-racialism/multi-culturalism. For the next giveaway, maybe Baey gor gor can consider baking #YamCake, I am sure it will taste #Yammy and will be a hit. 😛