Letters throw into the dustbins – Just fire the postman can already?

Ever had your friends telling you, don’t use normal mail, must use registered mail, because the letters never arrive? Now we know it is true lor.

Videos of a PRC Singpost postman who was confronted and admitted to throwing away letters that he was supposed to deliver has been going around the internet (although it looks like the original has been taken down already).

Long story short, the video showing the confrontation in mandarin by an angry uncle who paid for some direct advertising mails to be distributed can be seen here. Uncle went to CSI when he wondered why his mails never reach his target audience. Then jeng jeng jeng! He caught the Chinaman throwing the letters away red-handed!

In the conversation, if you understand the language, the chap appeared apologetic and admitted to throwing away the mails, but said he did so because he was overworked, not paid for OT (nowadays all Singapore employers never pay for OT de lah!), and his Malay colleagues get lesser load than him. He also said leg pain also no time to go see doctor.

Singpost also fast hand fast leg lor, On Saturday (11 Feb), publicly said they have fired the postman. Eh Singpost, machiam so fast “take action” hor, but then you just simply fire this fella, he faster pack and go back to China, then how? No penalties for throwing away the letters? I thought supposed to kena fined or go jail?

Under the Postal Service Act, Section 34 (1) (a): Any officer, employee or agent of a postal licensee who — destroys or throws away any postal article or anything contained therein, shall be guilty of an offence.

 Such an offence is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or to both and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine not exceeding $1,000 for every day or part thereof during which the offence continues after conviction.

We think the problem here really is Singpost’s mindset. So many postmen in their crew, surely this fella is not the only one who has been throwing things away? What else is being done to prevent other postmen from throwing letters away? Is the Postal Services Act just a lip service and a law without teeth?

We also noticed that in recent years Singpost has introduced other types of mails like Smartpac, A.M. mail, in addition to the good old registered mail which businesses will prefer to use over normal mail. When some of our normal postage gets lost, people get jittery and over time, people end up paying more for these other services for peace of mind. Just thinking, if Singpost can make more money, then why would they want to work extra hard to promise that our normal postage letters, which costs only 30 cents upwards will confirm reach the recipient leh? And you see the rates of the direct mails so dirt cheap, no wonder no one really cares if kena thrown away lor!

direct mailer rates Firing this one person is not going to resolve the issue here.

If the postmen are indeed overworked, then hire more! And if 30 cents stamps for each letter cannot cover the operating costs, then say so lah! Not work till people so tired they feel so pekchek that they throw the letters away. And then we never receive our mail!

Also, if it is true that work is not evenly distributed, then Singpost jolly well look into the matter. Not ignore the issue and let this “locals vs foreigners” gripe fester like a cancerous tumour.

Bonus trivia for our readers:

Did you know that Smartpac by Singpost which costs $3.20 – $4.70, is touted as your convenient alternative to registered mail, but then if your package is lost, they refund you … wait for it… just the price of that Smartpac? Yes, you get back only the cost of that envelope, not what you put inside. Really “first world” service for you. When the customer is nothing, because you are the national postal service, and you know people cannot do anything (same like MRT lor).

So do you believe firing this one postman is going to improve our postal service? I think we can wait long long lor!