Minister Shanmugam:  Authorities need to look at content put out of MUIS and point out what is wrong when necessary

We had to do a double take when we read the report yesterday, wondering if its a misquote –  I though we were supposed to trust our Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and our local religious leaders?

 CNA issued an Editors note this morning that Mr Shanmugam had in fact said it is the teachings in mosques, as well as content put out by local Muslim leaders and MUIS, that is the real antidote to the spread of radical content online. And he added that we have to point out – and fight – what is wrong about the teachings found in radical content online.

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 Berita Mediacorp then quick hands and quick legs work to get this translated into Malay for fear that MUIS credibility would be irreversibly damaged among the Muslim community

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Amidst the confusion, some in the community actually connected with the CNA’s earlier reportthey felt that MUIS have never been proactive and can do more e.g.  in reviewing their quality of asatizahs and Islamic books in Singapore. They actually agreed with CNA (misquoted report) that it is the community’s (and authorities) responsibility to look at MUIS efforts and provide them with feedback so they pick up the slack

We empathise with MUIS. It’s tough being an organization that looks after the Muslims in Singapore. No matter how hard they work to improve their credibility, there are always groups with misplaced distust.

While it’s great that the respective editors have issued the clarification, perhaps we should also ask ourselves these questions.

Why do we want to treat MUIS intentions suspiciously? If you can’t trust your local religious leaders, who are you willing to trust? Are you willing to trust others better just because they wear robes and come from the Middle East?

As a government organization, MUIS is one time sluggish la. How come they did not say anything when this misquote involves them yesterday? They are so quick to condemn radicalized individuals but takes forever to clarify a misreported article involving them?

How come they keep hiding behind Minister Shanmugam for the hard hitting stuff? They chose to remain quiet when their reputation was on the line? Why don’t you stand up for people who kept their faith in you? Even a clarification on your FB page would make a  whole lot of difference (and yet, there is still nothing on their FB at the time of this article. Oh, ya, weekend la. After office hours ma.)

Don’t think anyone should worry about damaging MUIS reputation any further . . .

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