Escobar at China Square- Going to be barred soon

A dead drug lord = not a good name for a bar.

For fans of Netflix and the hit series Narcos, the name of deceased Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar will surely be familiar. And there is a new bar in China Square Central called Escobar which offers food and alcoholic beverages named after well-known vices and criminals popularised by pop culture. Great idea for a bar? Quite satki, we thought.

Well, the Colombian embassy in Singapore took issue with the bar’s name and made a complaint to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Now, the Central Narcotics Bureau has also stepped in.

A CNB spokesperson said that “the manner in which Pablo Escobar’s name and image are being used to promote the bar is highly objectionable and runs counter to Singapore’s zero-tolerance approach towards drugs and to the Government’s efforts in preventive drug education.”

Seriously guys? Nobody that patronises Escobar will ever think that the bar is glamourizing a narco-terrorist like Pablo Escobar. Likewise, nobody thinks that the Don Corleone (“The Godfather”) pizza served at Escobar, which tastes like the classic margherita, is promoting violent and murderous American mafia gangs. According to Yahoo, the pizza tastes not bad somemore.

Here’s the decor of the bar. Ok what. Just being funky only, not like they paid him any tribute.



I really wish that everybody just takes a chill pill and not take everything at face value in Singapore. But it might be too late. Apparently the bar’s owner Stan Sri Ganesh, 36, has already been called up for an interview at Police Cantonment Complex. Guess they served him kopi instead of a cocktail.

Wah lau eh, RIP harmless fun and creativity. Long live our nation of killjoys! Now just let me go back to my hole and let me reflect on my audacity for daring to have non-robotic thoughts. Sigh…