Same same but different

Don’t play play, the gahmen showed that it would not pang chance on any fake news that could possibly scandalise the court.
Media reports said that a doctored image of the Chinese newspaper Wanbao, carried a fake headline about the City Harvest Church trial.
The headline of the official Wanbao picture said : “Outdated law ‘saved’ the accused from harsher penalties”
But the headline of the fake picture said:  “PAP lawyer ‘saved’ the accused from harsher penalties”.
Both headlines same same but different ok. The doctored image was published by a Mr Neo Aik Chau in a Chinese Facebook group called “Policy discussion forum”.
(In case you don’t know, the lawyer who represented Kong Hee on the CHC trial was PAP MP Edwin Tong)
So Mr Neo’s post is on the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ (AGC) radar now and they are investigating this as a possible contempt of court, because the fake news headline suggested that PAP’s MP Edwin Tong had influenced the outcome of the CHC case. Hor Hor, this is serious hor. Government say cross the line already.
The AGC also said that “Contempt of court in its various forms harms the proper administration of justice in Singapore.” and that “AGC will take firm action against contempt of court, including institution of committal proceedings in appropriate instances”. Don’t try to be funny ah, because gahmen won’t pang chance now.
So the person who uploaded the doctored image on social media has said sorry. He said he didn’t mean it and promise not to say it again. Better to ownself say sorry first than for government to ask him to apologise right.
But then, since its fake news, how come the original author (aka Wanbao) doesn’t step out to say something to defend its publication leh? Why are our media outlets diam diam about such online mischief and are leaving it to the gahmen to handle? Come on la, couldn’t our local media do better than this?