Our note to Lee Bee Wah

Dear Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah,

Your recent comments on the civil servants is almost as exciting as the City Harvest drama.

We so stunned when we read your interview that her friends told you civil servants will “get back” at you next time:

“They told me that those who are the ‘can work’ types, love to work with me because I can make decisions very fast. Those who are the ‘cannot work’ type are very scared of me.

“I even have friends who tell me, ‘Bee Wah, when you step down, then you will know, these civil servants will get back at you’. So be it. If I’m afraid then there’s nothing much that I can do, right? So if you really want to serve, don’t be worried.”

Well, ya lah we know what you mean. People don’t like outspoken people who give them more work. But surely not so drama lah. I’m sure our civil servants are able to see the good that you are doing. Like how you pushed PUB to overcome the technical challenges to build an overhead bridge at Khatib MRT station.

And like good civil servants, they will just do the work with a few mumblings. But ok one lah. Work is work right.

Even Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean came out to say our civil servants are professionals serving the public and cannot do this kind of thing.

Somemore, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan also call you his favourite MP. Like this: “Well, my favourite MP has good solutions, you know…I’m quite sure (Ms) Lee Bee Wah will know how to do it.”


Stamp of approval hor.

And lastly, I’m sure your Yishun residents will support you deep deep. Don’t worry and continue to do your good work for us all!