Goh Chok Tong the new Mahathir ?

The snarkiness. The hawkish, passive aggressive posts. Does it sound familiar?

Remember how Mahathir was ‘sibei gam’ with all the previous Malaysian prime ministers before he started to become passive aggressive about them through his comments (on his blog) and eventually becoming personal in his posts and interviews.


A perfect example was Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, who resumed office from Mahathir in 2003. Badawi was Mahathir’s ‘choice’. Mahathir campaigned for him, this led Barisan Nasional to one if its biggest wins ever in the 2004 general election before their relationship turned sour over differences in views. Badawi was finally oust in a subsequent election with Mahathir labeling him as ‘sleepy’ and ‘lazy’



Is our Goh Chock Tong becoming the new Mahathir because of differences in views over leadership. Did GCT had enough of PM Lee’s anxiety and uncertainty over the next leadership that he is trying to rally the public behind him, just like Mahathir?

Facebook exchange between Singapore’s current and immediate past prime ministers on the country’s leadership succession has kept the online public entertained, but is there something more to it?

The Straits Times had a pretty good summary of the Facebook exchanges  but neither GCT nor PM Lee  seems willing to be confrontational to put an end to this childish needling.

After the Oxley Road debacle, PM really shouldn’t poke GCT in public, since he is an elder statesman. Additionally, during the the Oxley saga, PAP were up in arms chanting that private affairs must be kept private. Why display on Facebook that you both have a difference in views over the leadership succession now?