Singapore is so bloody boring, says Time Out London

In Time Out London’s City Life Index which surveyed 15,000 people in 32 cities, it ranked Singapore as one of the least exciting cities in the world. It took into account criteria such as culture, food, drink, friendliness, liveability, affordability and happiness.

Our ranking was 31st and Istanbul was last. Singapore was named “the worst rated city” for culture, and the worst for drinking apart from Dubai.

Oh wow.

That’s one the most bullshit thing I have ever heard! Is Singapore really that boring? I seriously doubt so. Not say we are super exciting, but hey also that bad right.

Our multi-racial and multi-cultural society already lets you experience so many different kinds of food and culture. And guess which city is top of this list? It’s Chicago! Siao!

Well, Singapore Tourism Board could not take this lying down so they came up with a gorgeous and snarky tongue-in-cheek video reply. This is a perfect example of less is more.

Even the stills from the video are enough to tell its own story.





We like the part about our cheap and good food. Haha.

Singapore is a pretty amazing place if you ask me, and there are tons of things to do if you would only care to look. If you want restaurants and bars, we have them. If you want parks and nature reserves, we also have them.

If you want delicious and affordable food, we have them. ($2 Michelin meal anyone?) If you want to experience other cultures, Singapore has always been the confluence of cultures due to its location.

If you don’t want to go to these places to explore, doesn’t mean these places don’t exist.

I suspect many people in the Time Out London survey have never even been to Singapore. I hope they find time to visit Singapore soon. So that they can experience the many interesting things that are jam-packed on this tiny island of Singapore. And finally put to bed this silly notion that Singapore is a boring place.