Subway in Singapore to be halal certified

They considered going halal as early as 2010 but clarified that it was cost prohibitive on their FB page.



8 years later . .  . Discussions re-surfaced that Subway Singapore might become Halal certified after claims that Subway had approached MUIS to seek Halal certification.

The report, which is in Malay, said:

“The HalalNews SG understands that the Subway delegation has held a formal meeting with Muis officials at the end of 2017 to explain and clarify the aspirations and efforts they have made to meet all Halal Muis certification requirements for all Subway branches in Singapore.”

MUIS Halal Unit also confirmed the move with this tweet.


You have no idea how often our Malay friends told us that they can only look at others enjoying their meatballs sandwich from Subway in envy

For years, Singaporeans who wanted a halal option could only to get their subway fix from Malaysia. Many squealed in joy when an outlet opened in City Square (2012), which was the closest shopping mall you can get to across the causeway

It was a weekly /  monthly journey for many of us to enjoy the deli cuts and take away foot-longs back for our family members to share.

Locally, the demand for a halal subway sandwich was so great that there were as many as 11 shops started selling alternative halal sandwiches to Subway over the years.

Subway getting halal certified in this age is as significant as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver, etc becoming halal certified in the 90s.

It’s phenomenal.

You want to know what other outlets we have always dreamt of becoming halal certified? – how about Tony Romas, TGIFs, Chilis, Carl’s Junior and Pepper Lunch!