The boy who cried wolf

There are naughty boys, and there are REALLY naughty boys.

Just when parents all over Singapore heaved a collective sigh of relief when it turned out that the drivers accosting the students outside the international schools were not actually trying to abduct them…..

……the recent FB post by a Mum on how her son was waylaid by strangers to get into a van struck renewed fears. There was even a police report of the incident circulating to give the story even more credibility


Except the boy was lying.

This time the revelation wasn’t followed by a straightforward “Heng it’s not true ah!”.
Afterall, the naughty boy didn’t stop at lying to his Mother.
He actually followed her to the police station.
And lied to the police.
And recorded a statement.
A long statement with vivid details.
A statement that his mother swiftly posted on FB.
A statement out in cyberspace that now reduces him to a liar, and has publicly humiliated his Mother.


At any of the junctures, he could have ‘fessed up. But he didn’t.
And the lingering question is….why?

What does it say when a geena would rather make a false statement to the mata than tell the truth to his laobu?

Rather than criticise the Mum in question as a scary Mother who drove her son to extreme actions, we hope it will trigger timely reflection among parents on our relationship with our children.

When our children do something wrong, or get into trouble, would they have faith that we will still love and help them? Do we build sufficient trust through our daily interactions, our words and deeds, to give them a sense of security that we have the capacity to forgive?

Or do we hold the reins so tight that our children feel that they have no room for error?

Let the boy who cried wolf be a lesson to all of us.