PM Lee says “in good time” when asked about successor

On Friday, PM LeeHsien Loong literally suaned Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong for his earlier remarks about the urgent need to name PM’s successor.

Ok let’s rewind to some time ago. ESM Goh in a “eat full full too free” [吃饱太空闲] moment, posted on his Facebook that having the PAP’s fourth generation leadership in place and settled is an “urgent challenge” in 2018. And he hoped the current cohort of younger officeholders would identify a leader from amongst themselves in six to nine months.

So when the topic of the 4G leadership and who is going to be the next No. 1 came up, PM Lee told reporters on Friday that he cannot say if the 4G ministers would be able to choose a leader in that time frame, but is confident that “it would be done in good time”. As if that was not enough, PM Lee made one extra jab at Goh Chok Tong saying that Mr Goh was “speaking with the privilege of watching things”, rather than being responsible for making them happen. Whoa, he saying he is at the sidelines kua hee [看戏] is it?

Oops, Touché! So basically PM Lee is telling ESM Goh, “Eh, Lao Goh, you not prime minister now already horr…. retire liao just diam diam already okay?”

To be fair, he’s got a point. Goh Chok Tong stepped down as PM in 2004. That’s 14 years ago. Last time people still surf IRC in that era. No Facebook, no Twitter and no people like us to b*t*h about the zenghu every day online. Social media? Simi social media?

Mr Goh also funny to say six to nine months. He thinks choose prime minister of Singapore is like government procuring new computers ah? Need to fix deadline? (need liquidated damages anot?)

Anyway, so PM Lee now say so clearly to let the 4G have their own time and space to prove they are good enough to be the top dog (Mai siao siao, that paycheque who don’t want?). Also means it’s quite clear that the crown prince hasn’t been selected yet.

Looks like PM Lee wants to keep the possible candidates on their toes. Everyday must kee chiu for new projects and CCAs, do more media wayangs, and walk their constituencies till soles drop off.

Cannot let these three ministers that the media is betting on be too proud. Then the other ministers don’t want to put in 100 percent also because they thought game over.

Untitled1.pngI guess this guessing game really testing their stamina.  Aiyo PM Lee, we also wait till neck long long liao leh!