The real reason why vape is banned in Singapore

Can’t believe that Singaporeans actually believed that vape was banned because the government cannot make money from it through taxes…

Eh hello, the Singapore government can make money from anything you own.

Land Acquisition Act, COE, GST, ERP, CPF, HDB.

When there is a will, there will be a way for the Singapore Government to tax one la.

The real reason why vape is banned in Singapore is because it glamorises smoking and tobacco products.

Have you seen the vape videos online? Sibei smoke can come out from all the holes on your face in varying shapes and patterns.

There is insufficient evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes help smokers give up.

Vaping actually encourages younger users to experiment with different flavours.

Singapore is also not the first country to ban vape. Many in Europe, Middle East, America and South East Asia has also taken similar stance towards vaping.

This is just one of the many initiatives the Singapore government is taking to become a nation absolutely 100 percent free of smokers.

You just observe la – The ever increasing prices of Reds, the ever shrinking smoking zones, the recently increased legal age for smokers, the removing of cigg  brandings and display on shelves and now the ban on vaping (and sheisha)

To be honest, I also got angry when I knew that the government will ban vaping. Then I asked myself, am I angry because the gov is always trying to police my life down to the last detail or is it because I can’t vape anymore.

I think Singaporeans are mostly pissed because of the former.