No huat for 2018

No “Gong Xi Fa Cai”?
No “Xin Nian Kuai Le”?
Well if you are looking for the traditional greetings this Chinese New Year at Chinatown’s New Year’s celebration, then you probably have to be disappointed. This year, the CNY decorations gave a miss on the usual “Fai Lok” and “fat choy”. Instead, it displayed Chinese proverbs that say  “harmony among all races”, “protect our country” and “be prepared for danger in times of peace”.
Err, hello is this CNY or Total Defence Day ah? Or National Day celebration?
Why so different this year leh? Trying something out of the box ah?
According to media reports, the Jalan Besar GRC MP said the messages were simply an extension of this year’s message of “friendship, bonding and harmony”.  Because dogs are man’s best friends mah, so they said can help spread a community feeling kinda message.
The organisers also said they wanted to celebrate the New Year mood while spreading a community message about SGSecure. BTW, SGSecure is a national movement to get Singaporeans involved in the fight against terror. So don’t play play hor.
And then the Chairman of the Chinatown CNY 2018 organising committee also said that the proverbs are not really that far away from New Year greetings, but some are a bit out…but that is really intentional. Woah, REALLY? Don’t hiong us la.
That’s not all ok, some people also complained that the dog-sculptured lanterns look more fierce than friendly. It’s really true, you see.
cny dogs
Hope you did not cua-tio. Maybe on top of the SGSecure message to remind us to be alert and be prepared for danger, they also got fiercer looking doggies to ward off dangers. ​
Dear organisers, thank you for the conscious efforts to remind us about the importance of being vigilant and alert. But, since its CNY, give people a chance to huat and be festive can?
There are probably more platforms to do this kind of promotion but let’s not try too hard and risk losing our cultural elements gradually for “more important” objectives.
As for the fiercer looking dogs, looks like the actual sculpture just did not appear as good as it seemed on paper. Hope the doggies can really help us ward off evils.
Huat ah.