Doesn’t pay to be too helpful hor

Recently, a few drivers tried to be helpful but kenna slap on the face. Cos it was raining heavily last week, one driver offered a student along Dover road a lift but was rejected. Coincidentally , another helpful person (this time an auntie) offered a different student a lift. Also kenna rejected.

Kenna rejected not that bad, but people thought they were kidnapping attempts sia. Check out the CNA article – No attempted kidnapping of students from international schools: Police.

Actually we thought maybe they were just touting or were attempts to xian char bor. Turns out they were just good people wor. But true lah, if we were the students, we probably would want to be a bit more careful and not accept rides from strangers.

But we feel bad a bit bad for these drivers sia. Good intentions taken the wrong way, and really the wrong way.


Imagine lah, you just wanted to helpful and offer a ride to another person. And the next thing you know, police comes knocking your door to question your intentions. Even if you want to be helpful the next time, you will think twice loh.

So sometimes, it is not that Singaporeans don’t wanna help others. It is just we scared of what people think of our intentions and think twice about helping.

Even Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam also come out to say the public should be careful of spreading untrue stories and causing unnecessary alarm.

Like that how to have kampong spirit- guess it is a fine balance.