The Straits Times losing money to emerging online media, highlights Gov expenditure on Instagram influencers

Unless you are living under a rock, you would have heard that the Ministry of Finance sponsored posts with Instagram Influencers (“INSTAFLUENCERS?”) to promote the Budget 2018 feedback system.  Apparently these Influencers also did a similar campaign last year, just that no one knew about it

The Straits Times wasted no time in highlighting this ‘wasteful expenditure’ and the ‘cannot make it’ quality of their Influencers and triggered mass ridicule for the campaign.

Now, it is no secret that The Straits Times has been losing money to emerging online media. Remember how they sacked 130 employees last year!  Maybe this was their way of showing the middle finger to the government la, for not spending the advertisement money on them instead. hur hur..

On one hand, congrats MOF for, ahem, branching outside your comfort zone.

All these XMM are, shall we say, NOT THE USUAL govt audience amirite??

Maybe it shows the govt really really wants to engage ppl from *kof kof* all walks of life – and get them, ummm, to give feedback on what they want for the Budget?!

But for gods sake, uhh, some of them can’t even call your agency correctly-  SG GOVT OF FINANCE ROFLLLLLL. What kind of Influencer cannot spell the client paying for their post one!


But anyway. Who knows. Maybe this means the govt will get very diff feedback for Budget than it usually does! Then not so bad hor?

The influencers should also just take the opportunity to tell the govt straight up, EH STOP TAXING OUR OVERSEAS SHOPPING CAN OR NOT . .

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