CPF minimum sum increased to $181k

These changes are clearly published on CPF website and in pdf files which can be accessed by anyone with an interest to know more.

There was no secret policy change.

minimum sum

It was announced that the Basic Retirement Sum for members turning 55 from 2017 to 2020 would be increased by 3 per cent yearly for each cohort to account for inflation and rising standard of living. 

What we need to understand is that the basic retirement sum for each cohort is fixed for that cohort.

But the basic retirement sum for each cohort is different from another cohort, with the retirement sum for later cohorts higher than previous cohorts.

This is really common sense. Imagine if the retirement sum for every cohort is always the same, and never adjusted and you retire one day with the same retirement sum that your grandfather had when he retired. Think you have enough to survive?

The sum is also made known ahead of time (no secret) to allow for better retirement planning.

So you got retrenched? – Why are you complaining about not meeting your CPF minimum sum? You should worry upskilling and getting your next job which pays your CPF too.

You worry that your will never see your CPF money? Eh hello, In addition to being able to withdraw $5000 when you reach 55, Singaporeans can also choose to withdraw up to 20% of their retirement account savings at 65 (this includes the $5000) – on top of monthly payouts.

 CPF is a good thing. People who keep telling you that CPF sucks usually don’t bother to find out more.

We should take a hard look at people who peddles this stupid thing that CPF is the worst thing that can happen to you. Are these individuals or is it a network of people. Are they mis-informed or are they deliberately mis-representing the truth.

Its pays 3.5% – 5% interest and has a AAA credit rating. This is a solid guarantee by the government le. You want to speculate on bitcoin with your retirement money ah?

CPF interest Rates

Ask the rich people around you if they maxed out their CPF minimum sum requirement. Even Tan Kin Lian (A Financial Consultant) who keeps saying the CPF is a poor initiative, tops up yearly, to max out his CPF minimum sum.

No prizes for guessing why.

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At least now, through being exposed to rumours, we also learn what is fake, what is true.