Keechiu to be PM?


Minister Chan Chun Sing spoke on Thursday (11 Jan) at the inaugural S R Nathan Hard Seats Lecture, covering issues like geopolitics and social mobility.

Tia gong from our local media that he also talk about his vision about how each succeeding generation of leaders should carry out their duties. This one not surprising since the Government say they will be shuffling the Cabinet in the earlier part of the year.

Random trivia, the lecture was organised by the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Singapore. Can consider as Minister Chan’s alma mater la – since he was an economics graduate of Cambridge University.

Here are the key areas Minister Chan spoke about:

Need to have mettle 

Just like our founding leaders, he said that Singapore’s next gen leaders must have the mettle to make difficult but necessary decisions where needed, and keep “faith with the people”.


Need to win people’s trust

Minister Chan also said that leaders can only be effective when there is “a deep sense of trust” between the people and the Government.

He said that leaders should be upfront with the public on the challenges and options, find new ways to communicate and connect with the different generations and finally, be accountable and responsible – delivering on promises and putting things right.

Need to keep Singapore united

Minister Chan also said that leaders will have to keep Singapore united so as to tackle challenges together, and people must have a sense of “common threat, challenge, mission and vision” to be united.

He said that the 4G leaders understand that they “have our share of life and death struggles to keep this country going. They have to be cognisant of not just the immutable challenges, but also those that come with each generation”.

Wa, wa this Minister Chan laying out his leadership philosophy, is a bit like test driving to give big speeches like PM liao. Is it like he is subtly pitching to PM Lee that he will be a good PM-to-be. Hehehe.

But TBH, for him to be able to give such a long lecture (30 min ok) it sounds like he has a good idea in mind on how he will want to bring Singapore forward liao. Maybe he will have high chance? Hehehe. We shall see if Minister Chan’s pitch manages to get through to PM by the next Cabinet reshuffle.