Cannot don’t speed, is it

Singapore is going to have more silver zones – meaning areas with traffic measures like a 40kmh speed limit and a two-stage crossings (see picture below). You will see 50 such areas around Singapore by 2023.



Now, they are even thinking of taking back some road space and converting them into community spaces for people to walk and rest.

Why do they need these zones? Because these days, we also have to siam those riding their mobility devices. We keep hearing about heavier penalties for reckless riders but these siao kias still speeding around leh. Can these zones also have traffic features to slow down these siao kias or not ah?

Last time, we only need to look out for drivers when crossing the roads. Now, we also have to watch out for those on mobility devices. I know we should be more aware of our surroundings when we are outside but sometimes very hard to react so fast leh. Esp work one whole day liao, a bit stoned already.

So those with mobility devices: Slow down a bit, very difficult meh.

If these drivers or riders just slow down a bit, we don’t need all these school zones or silver zones. Call it whatever you want lah but these zones are just aimed at slowing people down. And these people speed for what? These days, go everywhere also jam. Speeding also won’t get you to your destination faster.

Just slow down and stay safe lah.