Stay Frozen. Don’t Let it Go.

I haven’t seen the sun in Singapore for a week liao.

Since the turn of the year, it has been wild wild wet. Even the usually-drier eastern side of Singapore experienced floods under this abnormal weather. But while rain has brought about some inconveniences, not all Singaporeans feel gloomy.  The fashionable and trendy ones are happy that they can finally wear their autumn/winter trench coats, thick jackets etc in tropical Singapore. Even clothing companies such as Muji and Uniqlo have are cashing in and spam FB ads to promote their warm clothing.



muji muji.PNG

Yeah to the cool weather. People seem less short-tempered and grumpy when they squeezed into public transport after work. We are also more willing to walk to that bus stop a few hundred metres away if it’s windy but not raining. Coz not smelly mah…

But actually, the wet weather has been forecasted. Seen this old school Chinese calendar before?


According to the older generation, we can tell if the year is wet or dry by checking out what the cowherd is wearing. Notice that he is barefooted and his pants are kind of rolled up in this 2018 version? It means the year is likely to be wet. If it’s a dry year, he will be wearing shoes.

See the power of our Asian wisdom? Hahahah. So, maybe this is a sign of a wet (but cooler) year ahead? I don’t mind- but just the cool temperature will do, less rain please.

And according to some, it will be fair and sunny during Chinese New Year if it rained on Winter Solstice day. Anyone remembered if it rained on 22 Dec 2017?

Anyway, a quick check at NEA’s 4-day forecast hinted that temperatures may just be rising gradually soon.


Enjoy winter while it lasts.