Good to have some red tape for people asking donations but don’t make it too complicated, can?

It may become more difficult for fundraisers to appeal for donations after they make changes to the Charities Act this year. All fundraisers are required to provide clear and accurate information to donors as well as managing and using donation money responsibly.

But actually, it is not such a bad thing lah. These days, a lot more people go online to raise funds and sometimes you dunno whether their stories are real or not.

So, some rules are needed lah. Like last time, a lot of people donate to NKF but after everyone found that they use the donations to gold plate the toilet tap, a lot of people stop donating. Who suffer? The people who really needed the help.

One black sheep that misuse the donations can cause a lot of damage and we shouldn’t let the public lose trust in these crowdfunding channels and allow the wrong people suffer for that black sheep’s mistake.

After all, people who donate money generally just want to know that their money is used to help the people they want to help. As long as the money is not used for the wrong intentions or committing crimes, don’t tighten the process so much that it is difficult for donars to donate money.

We also don’t want those who really need the help to suffer.