Expecting another Eunoia JC? No way!

So after much anticipation, these are the names which MOE has to offer after their announcement last year that eight junior colleges will be merged to form four in 2019. And the new names are so “original” and “authentic” that it would hardly shortchange any of the schools there will undergo the fate of being merged. Because like the schoolsmerging, the names are also merged.

To make it less confusing for you, here’s what the new names will be:

Anderson JC + Serangoon JC = Anderson Serangoon JC

Yishun JC + Innova JC = Yishun Innova JC

Meridian JC + Tampines JC = Tampines Meridian JC

Jurong JC + Pioneer JC = Jurong Pioneer JC

Tada! Very original and authentic right! It’s so mechanical it seems like MOE is solving this like a mathematical problem. By the way, they also injected some thoughts to it, because they said the JC with a longer history will be placed first in the new name.

But is this the best that MOE can do? Well, MOE said that they had also considered options of retaining one JC’s name or coming up with an entirely new name, but they believed that retaining the names of both colleges will allow the merging JCs to “unite their strengths” and “move forward as a combined entity to forge a new journey together”. POWER to the students sia!

They also said principals, staff and alumni were also satisfied with the names as it “reflected the best of both worlds”.

Is it really a best of both worlds, or being more conservative after the backlash of Eunoia JC? It seemed fair to the existing and alumni of these merged schools by retaining the names because at least there is something for them to related to many years down the road. But for incoming students, what would Anderson + Serangoon mean to them?

If the names can be merged this way, does it mean that the school uniforms and school crests will also be merged with such methodology? Then the uniform top will be from the school with the longer history and the uniform bottom will be from the other school?