4G leadership: So how about Prime Minister Lee’s track record?

Everybody’s talking about 4G succession and the next PM. Cos this is an important job mah and not easy. And although sometimes we make jokes and get upset with things like ERP, the current PM Lee Hsien Loong got do good things for the country lah.

We summarise some of his career highlights as PM, because once in a while show some love.

Ok, on a more serious note, he really got us through big big things lah.

1) Global financial crises 2008

Singapore was the first East Asian economy to slip into recession. It was very jialat.

The government introduced the Resilience Package in the Budget 2009 to help companies recover and provide assistance to households.

Singapore made a speedy recovery from the crisis. In November 2009, the Ministry of Trade and Industry declared that the recession was over and projected a growth forecast of between three and five percent in 2010.

The current global economy may not be easy, but Singapore’s economy grew by 5.2 per cent year in the third quarter of 2017- the fastest in nearly 4 years.

2) Build a caring society

Yes, the rich-poor gap is a very real problem all over the world. But we also got measures like the Pioneer Generation package and Medishield Life to create a more caring society.

Pioneer Generation Package:
Benefits include special subsidies for MediShield Life premiums, annual Medisave top-ups (up to $800 a year for life) and an additional 50% off subsidised services and medication at polyclinics and Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) in public hospitals.

I’m sure we have heard our parents or grandparents saying they are so happy with the ‘so cheap ah’ doctor bills by just flashing their Pioneer Generation card.


Medishield Life:

Health insurance is important but a lot of us also don’t give too much thoughts to it. It’s the kind of thing you won’t really bother until you really need it. To ensure all Singaporeans are covered with a basic health insurance plan, the Medishield Life was implemented in 2015 to provide coverage for Class B2 or C wards in public hospitals. MediShield Life provides lifetime coverage for all from birth till death. It also covers those with pre-existing health conditions- which is really important.

3) SG50

Singapore turned 50 in 2015 and that was a milestone in discovering our Singapore identity. We had huge celebrations and discussed our shared values to strengthen our national identity. We stuck together to help those in need when our students and teachers were killed in the Sabah earthquake.

It was also the same year that Mr Lee Kuan Yew who left his thumbprint on Singapore passed away. And Singapore today is still holding its place and sailing in the big global ocean.

4) Maintaining our place in the world

We love to be number 1 and the best in a lot of things like the best airport lah. So far, we still doing well in a lot of areas globally and are really good compared to our neighbouring countries.

And with the rise of China as a superpower, Singapore need to maintain our balance between China and US. So far so good also. In fact, both countries invited us over for high-level visits last year. Not bad right.

Somemore, terrorism threat so real nowadays. Have to do a lot of things behind the scenes to keep us safe at night.

The next PM will have to do more and do better for Singapore. Not an easy job ok.

And on leadership succession hor, this seems to be the in thing nowadays.

WP chief Low Thia Khiang also say say he will step down as party leader and the party needs to find the next leader after him (maybe Pritam Singh lah).

Then how about SDP, maybe also time for leadership succession? Maybe Chee Soon Juan can consider Dr Paul Tambyah since Chee already led the party for more than 20 years liao and they have not won any seats in Parliament yet. Oops.

The next General Elections with the new leaders will be interesting.