Lee Bee Wah shares why her brother almost got left behind

We know that MP Lee Bee Wah always is the loud loud passionate MP who fights for covered walkways for Nee Soon residents in Parliament.

Yesterday we learnt a new thing about Lee Bee Wah: her little brother almost had to be abandoned by the family during the 1969 racial riots when the family is escaping to safety.

Huh what?!

Watch the epic story here:

Lee Bee Wah’s family was hiding in her neighbour’s house during the riot and her mother told her, if the Malays attack them that night, they will need to run into the forest to hide and cannot bring her baby brother because his crying will expose them.

She said: “I knew what my mother meant, and felt very helpless. All I could hope for was that the moment to leave didi behind would not come.”

So, why she suddenly tell this story?

Lee Bee Wah was one of 13 Members of Parliaments who was speaking on the debate to form a Select Committee to recommend how to tackle online falsehoods (fake news lah).

So she was trying to share how the riots – started by false rumours- was very traumatizing and so, false rumours can have very real life and death consequences one.

Ok, drama like Channel 8 (but I guess this kind of thing we never experience before we don’t feel it) but we get your point, Mdm Lee Bee Wah.

The parliament takes this matter so seriously that all the 80 MPs, including all the Workers’ Party, all voted to set up the committee to look into combattng online falsehoods sia.

Like the Chinese saying goes “you can anyhow eat anything, but cannot anyhow talk rubbish.”