You can uncouple but are still co-parents to your kids

If you file for divorce on or after 21 Jan 2018 and have kids below 21 years old, you will have to attend a mandatory parenting programme unless you have some kind of plans on parenting duties after splitting up. Or else, you cannot file for divorce or make any counterclaim for a divorce. So serious sia.

Actually, this is nothing new wor. All divorcing parents with kids under 14 years old are doing the same already.


So what do they teach in this course, right? Not like they can overnight learn how to resolve their differences and suddenly become great partners in bringing up their kids.

MSF said the programme is aimed at helping parents to understand the importance of co-parenting, the impact of the divorce on kids, learn how to prioritise their children’s needs, make informed decisions about the divorce and ancillary matters, and make greater efforts to reduce the level of acrimony between them.

In short, counsel them to think of their kids (not themselves), and focus on more important stuff (instead of fighting all the time), like who pays for the kid’s stuff, where the kids will stay, who will take care of them and their emotional needs, and dun make the kids choose or mediate between them and their petty fights.

With divorce rates going up nowadays, it is a good reminder to couples that make sure your kids are taken care of. Don’t really just break up already and wipe your hands off.

Basically, when you marry someone, really think properly lah. Dun happy happy say ‘I DO’, not unhappy say divorce. If only your wallet is affected by the breakup, it is a small thing. Dun make your kids suffer for your decisions.