Posts by Ngee Ann Poly students who got locked out of class made me super angry. Here’s why.

A Ngee Ann Polytechnic student has taken to Facebook to express his frustrations over an allegedly inflexible lecturer who locked him and his fellow students out of class for being late.

According to the upset student, they were 15 minutes late due to congested roads from the downpour — arguably a viable reason that did not deserve the strict punishment.

“We come to school to study but you locked us out,” he wrote in a post. “Thanks Ngee Ann Poly.”

One commenter who claimed to have been taught under the same lecturer alleged that she has had a history of hostility against tardy students and that it was rather unnecessary.

I damn dulan when I read this.

Late means late lah. You confirm plus chop already know how the lecturer treats latecomers before this. You guys are not the first students she locks out of class la (and probably won’t be the last too). Why you express shock and play victim?

Here is the truth you probably did not tell everyone; you woke up late so you took taxi/uber/grab to school hoping you can make it on time but whoopsie, jam and flood lah siol

So what if your parents pay the school fees. 15 mins in the medical industry is life and death, Grab driver makes you wait 15 mins means you cancel on them already and probably give them one star rating, 15 mins late in BMT means extra duties and corporal punishment le.

Where got such thing ‘tertiary level’ no need to impose such disciplinary measures. You can come on time for assembly through out your primary school and secondary school life and suddenly when you enter tertiary school, you cannot make it on time already issit?

You try coming late to work la sial and see if your boss smiles at you or throw your punch card in your face.

Go and take wefie and tag your boss.

Bloody strawberry generation.