Namewee – who?

Namewee Similaieh? Can eat one?

Namewee is a Malaysian Chinese rapper who is known for his controversial songs/ compositions, and is possibly well known for his recent collaboration with Wang Leehom on his hit song 飘向北方 (Stranger In The North).

He will be coming over to Singapore to hold his 4896 World Tour Concert on 3 Feb, which has been publicised since November 2017.


Notification from Singapore Gov

                In a Facebook video, Namewee ranted that he received a notification from IMDA that his concert has been given a rating of ‘’Advisory 16”.

He said that while Singapore is known for her strictness, he was still very stunned by this very ‘weird’ regulation. And yes, throughout the video he continued to suan us about this.

You can watch it his rant here:

What does Advisory 16 mean?

According to IMDA’s website, it says that ‘Advisory 16’ is one of the four classification ratings for arts entertainment, which contains content with mature themes which are more suitable for audiences 16 years and above.

                But all the xiao didi and xiao meimei below 16 years old can still attend Namewee’s concert if they so wished.

Why ah?

                This is not the first time that IMDA has been put under pressure – either for giving out ratings, or giving out ‘insufficient’ ratings.  Two examples:

13th M1 Fringe Festival

If you remember, various conservative groups have protesting online for the 13th M1 Fringe Festival themed around Art and Skin in 2017.

Some of these groups, like Singaporeans Defending Family and Marriage, has blamed the Government for allowing “such decadent sex and LGBT-themed shows to be propagated”, and asked for people to “take action to write to the Ministers to stop this pornography in Singapore disguised as art”.

On the other spectrum, there were well-known arts personalities, e.g. award winning Lim Yu-Beng and Young Artist Award recipient Pooja Nansi, who defended the festival’s programmes.

Beauty and the Beast

Another example –  Beauty and the Beast.

The film’s director said in an interview that one of the film’s male character is confused about his sexuality and has an “exclusively gay moment” in the film. There were a number of theatres in the US that have chosen not to screen the film, and the release of the film has been shelved in Malaysia.

IMDA gave a PG (Parental Guidance) rating with mild portrayal of violence for Beauty and the Beast. No mention of the gay moment.

This was apparently not sufficient for some, given that National Council of Churches of Singapore issued a letter to its churches to alert their congregation about homosexual content.

Lan lan

Unfortunately, IMDA is stuck between a rock and a hard place – censor also cannot, don’t censor also cannot.

This should have been a personal choice – People should just decide for themselves whether or not they want to watch things, and not shift the responsibility to the Government.

So advisory 16 rating necessary?

For Namewee’s concert – if you take a quick look at some of this videos, I think you can understand why there may be a need for the Advisory 16 rating.

Better for IMDA to put the advisory 16 rating there lah – later the uptight people go up in arms again over the sexual/ vulgar content.

We end off on a good note la, since sex sells so here’s a video for your viewing pleasure: