SSG themselves need training to detect fake claims

Say so much in Parliament also no use, $40 million of taxpayers money gone just like that.

Straits Times reported that an inter-agency taskforce will be set up to see how to strengthen their system after SkillFuture Singapore (SSG) paid out $40 million worth of fake claims to a syndicate who had submitted forged documents to obtain training grants under the Skills Development Fund.


In the first place, this shouldn’t have happened lor. Granted that the syndicate is out to cheat and is dammn zai to come up with an elaborate scheme but $40million is not a small sum ok. Plus this happened after SSG already tightened the processes earlier in the year.

So now then they consult experts to improve the system, see how to use data analytics to better detect irregularities, strengthen their system and the audit team to detect these fake claims.

The new measures better work this time. Hope these actions are enough to prevent other fraudsters but better if we can catch the members of the criminal syndicate and make them return us the money lah.

Or else later we all gotta pay more tax again because of these people.