Singapore government takes principled stand, explains why it banned a Palestinian documentary but supported UN resolution against US Jerusalem

Today, Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan explained why on one hand, we can ban a Palestinian documentary from pubic screening and on the other hand, vote in favour of a United Nations General Assembly resolution that called for the United States to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital without fearing for our conscious.

The reason is simple. Thousands have died in that region and Singapore will not be caught in the politics of it.

Let the interest group lobby us la, so what? Why you jumping?

We just want peace and stability in the region. We acknowledge that it is not an easy thing to achieve but the least we can do is to take a principled stand and do not add to the instability in that region.

Actually hor, the Palestinians never wanted Israel to exist and we don’t even need to defend them.

Palestinians have been offered numerous deals (and even statehood) since the crisis began more than eight decades ago but have rejected them all:

  1. 1937 Peel Commission 2-state solution — Palestinians say No
  2. 1947 UN Partition Plan — Palestinians say No, start a war
  3. 1967 6-Day War — Israel won the war but was willing to trade the land for peace; the Palestinians said No
  4. 2000 Camp David — Israeli PM Ehud Barak gave Yasser Arafat an offer even Israelis were shocked but Arafat walked away w/out a counterproposal
  5. 2008 — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejects latest offer from Israeli PM Ehud Olmert


Eh Hello, what is going on sia?

It is easy for us at home to anyhow anyhow support, you sit comfortable in your home, but the people there in Palestine and Israel kena jin jialat you know? Flying rockets and grenade, fighting start again, people die. No one wins.

Singapore is a peace-loving country, and especially since we are small like pisai, we just want to live peacefully and friendly everybody.

So when MP Vikram Nair asked why Singapore did not just sit on the fench, eat kacang putih and watch the ping-pong match of the United Nations vs United States, Vivian told Vikram, it was “a principled decision”. He also said Singapore sticks to the “principle of seeking peaceful resolution of conflict”.

Vivian also reminded his kakis in parliament that we better don’t anyhow be fair-weather friends. because later no one wanna friend us already if Singapore keep flipping roti pratas.

We are also  in this part of the world where our Muslim neigbours are very concerned about the plight Muslims elsewhere, so we better and we should, just keep promoting racial and religious harmony.

The Israel-Palestinian problem is really not so easy as one word from Trump to solve lah. If can, Obama also can declare, Angela Merkel also can declare. Declare very easy mah, but don’t forget, that you declare means other people die.

So this time, can clap for Vivian. Singapore didn’t end up as a US lackey after all.

Another clap for IMDA, for preventing foreign interest groups from seeding hateful narratives under the guise of a documentary featuring Human Rights.