Lower toll charges for JB chiongsters from Feb

Starting 1 Feb 2018, vehicles leaving Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint will get to enjoy lower toll charges, and toll charges for vehicles entering Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint will be removed. Which means vehicles can come into Singapore for ZERO dollars. Shiok la! This is good news!

Transport and logistic providers delivering goods into Singapore also happy.

But sure a not? Come into Singapore for free? Got so ho kang?

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that Singapore will be revising its toll charges at Woodlands Checkpoint from 1 Feb 2018, and this is to match Malaysia’s recent removal of toll charges at the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL). LTA also said that the move is in line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates. Since our neighbour so nice to us, we also be nice back la, friend friend ma. But only applicable if you go via Woodlands Checkpoint hor.

So for normal cars leaving Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint, you only need to pay S$1.00 instead of the current S$3.80. Vans/Light Goods Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles will only need to pay S$1.50 and S$2.00 respectively instead of the existing S$5.80 and S$7.70. That’s a cut of S$4.30 and S$5.70 respectively! Save a lot ok!

We got the exact charges here for you- check first before you chiong into JB for CNY shopping.

But hor, since driving into Singapore is free, looks like we will have more foreign vehicles coming in. Can the immigration booths handle it if there is a surge in the number of vehicles using Woodlands Checkpoint? Or maybe more jam at Woodlands Checkpoint? Will security checks be compromised in any way?

So LTA advised motorists to have enough money in your Autopass Card before driving through the checkpoint. Don’t clog up the queue because you never top up your card k.

And if you cannot tahan traffic jam, then better to take the Tuas Second Link la.