Leon Perera continues silence, hints he may not apologise for calling MediaCorp partisan

Leader of the House Grace Fu has called on Workers’ Party Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Leon Perera to apologise to Parliament during Monday’s sitting for making false allegations that national broadcaster Mediacorp had deliberately edited and removed certain parts of a Parliamentary footage in a partisan manner which is favourable to the PAP.

Mr Leon has not commented on the incident since and it is worrying

Many speculated that he was fixed (again) by the government. I can see why the opposition supporters like to play this sympathy card. It is always easier to play the victim.

We tend to romanticize the leaders whom we have chosen, and it’s hard to come to terms that they chose to lie to exploit our sympathy to further their cause.

Being the underdog is sexy, producing alternative fact in parliament is enlightening, but we do not need to compromise on our integrity and our character just to make a point.

Both PAP members as well as opposition members in the past have been caught for blatantly lying in parliament to exaggerate their point and they have been made to apologise.

For the sake of argument – if the issue is about integrity, broadcasting parliament session live is not going to solve the problem. Integrity means doing and saying the truth, even when no one is watching you.

Chee Soon Juan learned it the hard way when he was charged, over the years for misleading the public with his alternative facts. The SDP has not won a seat with him as the Sec-Gen and PAP members had a ball of a time reminding him about his flawed character.

The WP is so much better than this.

Why give PAP the pleasure to emphasise that they are whiter than white.