Some companies are more suay than others

Happy new year!

Or not, for some of these companies. Ranked by packing order, in terms of suayness:

1) Resorts World Sentosa casino ceiling collapses, injuring 4

Wah talk about suay. People who were in RWS’ casino (probably trying to cash in on the start of the year) got a nasty shock when a part of the ceiling fell through. 4 people were injured (1 security guard and 3 contractors), but all have since been discharged.

Never win still almost need to pay hospital bills.


An RWS spokesperson said that the ceiling had given way in the mezzanine gaming area during enhancement works, but everyone’s safety is their top priority.

That’s good to know, but we doubt the pantang people out there will agree. Winnings are the priority ok! A broken ceiling or roof cannot be good for feng shui, all your chi flows away…

2) S’pore McDonalds got flamed for their half-cheese slice Filet-O-Fish

The ashes from the bacon-cheese proportion debate have barely settled, but McDonalds is again suffering outrage from their beloved customers.

A customer got really cheesed off (sorry, just had to say it and get that out of my system) when he ordered a Filet-O-Fish, and got a burger with a miserable half slice of cheese. He was so incensed that he posted his complaint on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page.

Expectations Vs Reality:



According to sagely wisdom shared by Coconuts, and netters online, McDonalds has apparently served half slices of cheese all along with their Filet-O-Fish burgers. Reason? Because cheddar cheese will overwhelm the taste of fish, and in fact, is actually a pretty bold move! Go figure.

Anyway, our take is – give the people their cheese!

3) East-West Line suffers signalling track fault (so fast again this year)

SMRT announced on the first work day this week that train services between Changi Airport and Tanah Merah in both directions were down, due to a track signalling fault. Commuters had to add another extra 30 mins to their travelling time.

It was clearly a sign of the times.


By the way, we pegged SMRT as the last in our list because, hey guys, train breakdowns are so normal now that it’s less suayness but more our way of life!

Cheers to you and yours!