More Drama than Ch 8: Grace Fu vs Leon Perera

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Ding Ding Ding!

The year has just started and the political scene in Singapore is already hotting up.

Grace Fu, Leader of the House, has called on Workers’ Party (WP)’s NCMP Leon Perera to say sorry to Parliament at next Monday’s sitting for making false allegations that Mediacorp had deliberately edited and removed certain parts of a Parliamentary footage.

Meaning he give wrong info in Parliament, so must say sorry for anyhow giving wrong info.

Fu said in a letter, dated 3 Jan 2018, to Perera that the allegations made during the Parliament session on 7 Nov 2017 “amount to a misrepresentation of facts and if left uncorrected, a misleading of Parliament”. Wah.

She also said Perera may want to seek leave at the end of question time at Parliament on Monday and even suggested for him to make a “personal statement” that covers the following points, among others:

  • Admitting his allegations against Mediacorp on Parliamentary footage were untrue and to withdraw the allegations in full
  • Apologising to the House for misrepresenting facts and misleading Parliament
  • Acknowledging that Mediacorp had explained the issue to him and he had accepted this long before the 7 Nov Parliamentary sitting.

And typical of WP’s style, Perera has responded to media query saying he was “studying the letter” and “considering the most appropriate response”. We have not heard from Perera since. Must be busy strategising lah.

What actually happened last November, you can read here and here.

It’s anyone guess as to what Perera will do next Monday. And also, Fu’s reaction after that.

1.       Will Perera say sorry? After all, he was called out by Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat in Parliament for misrepresenting facts. Will Fu accept his apology grac(e)-iously and close the case?


2.       Will Perera insist he was not out to misrepresent the facts, didn’t mean to mislead the House and hence, refuse to say sorry? Maybe he will give a clearer and fuller explanation to why he worded his question on Mediacorp’s broadcasting of the Parliamentary footage the way he did in Parliament? Then will Fu go after him and say still must say sorry?

No matter what will happen, here’s a quick lesson to be learnt when speaking in public.

When outside, don’t anyhow say things without fact-checking. Even if you think you have checked your info, check and check again. Because the Chinese say, can eat the wrong food but cannot anyhow say wrong thing.

And, if you really said something wrong, apologise gracefully and don’t drag the whole kampung down the disgraceful path.

For now, get ready the popcorn and coke. It’s GAME ON next Mon.