Who is Singapore’s Next PM?

Wei, this one damn sensitive leh.

But since Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong on Sunday (Dec 31) expressed his hope for the identity of Singapore’s next Prime Minister to be decided in the next six to nine months, we might as well take a wild guess at it

Who will NOT be our PM?

I know for sure our next PM is NOT Malay.

This next PM is confirm plus chop NOT Mr Tan Chuan Jin or Li Sheng Wu or Li Hong Yi.

This next PM is NOT a woman.

Who will be our next PM?

Surely, he must be someone who has the support of both the party and the public.

He must be someone who believes in the policies which the cabinet has decided on (so cannot u-turn and flip prata on everything)

Can the next PM lead Singapore well?

Singapore society today is more educated, more connected, more developed and more complex than ever before.

His challenges will be different from what the other PMs has faced.

Will the next PM bow down to popular public opinion or the vocal minority?

Has the current PM develop sufficient ‘infrastructure’ to support the next PM make his difficult decisions?

Will he have the courage to stand up to say no to foreign superpowers?

Will he continue working towards a harmonious society, bringing the elites and non-elites, the different races and religions together?

What can we do about it?

We need a credible opposition more than ever. WP better get the act together to be the check and balance to the government

Ignore the Goh Meng Sengs and the Gilbert Gohs, who just prefer Singaporeans to be angry. They are not the opposition Singapore needs.

Who will be the next PM?

It all depends. No one can predict politics, or the mood of the people, or group dynamics. Your guess is as good as mine.

Who would make a good PM?

That depends so much on the kind of Singapore we become.

In this respect, it is my hope that we will become the kind of society that depends less and less on one man, and more and more on a group, and on institutions, and on its citizens.

You should rely on yourself, your family, your community, your networks. Go and get involved and invest in yourself. It will pay dividends.

The question of who will be the next PM of Singapore will still matter, but will not be the arbiter of the nation’s future – because there are many other people, and systems, keeping the country going.